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These lessons provide ideas for web-directed research and in-class activities. They also meet environmental standards of learning. Review the lesson summary, then download the lesson plan. Please complete the evaluation and receive a Clean Sweep U.S.A. sticker sheet! To help prepare for teaching the lesson, get our comprehensive teacher background information on litter prevention, waste reduction and beautification.


Waste In Place: Lessons in Waste Management


A Waste Management Overview
In this lesson students will:
  • Identify the five options for solid waste management
  • Identify appropriate methods for managing the municipal solid waste system
  • Understand how these methods can vary in different communities


A Lesson On Source Reduction, the Best First Option for Waste Management
In this lesson students will:
  • Identify opportunities to reduce waste in the classroom
  • Evaluate waste prevention solutions and goals


Reducing Landfill Volume While Providing a Valuable Soil Supplement
In this lesson students will:
  • Identify materials needed in the composting process
  • Identify problems that may arise in composting
  • List ways to use compost


Understanding Recycling and a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
In this lesson students will:
  • Identify ways recyclable materials can be separated and sorted
  • Understand why recycling is worth the extra effort
  • Understand what happens during the recycling process


A Lesson About How Waste-to-Energy Facilities Use Trash as a Source of Energy
In this lesson students will:
  • Understand that some waste materials can be burned to generate electricity


A Sanitary Landfill Lesson
In this lesson students will:
  • Identify the parts of the landfill and explain their function
  • Accurately construct a model of a sanitary landfill

Litter Prevention

Pick up a New Attitude

Understanding Litter and Littering Behavior
In this lesson students will:
  • Understand why litter is undesirable
  • Identify reasons why people litter
  • Develop a targeted message to change littering behavior


Exterior Decorating: It's a Natural

Understanding the Impact of Beautification
In this lesson students will:
  • Understand how beautification can benefit the environment, reduce litter,
    and create enjoyable green spaces

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